[ENG SUB] Pbee Kaew Nang Hong EP 1 (1/3)

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Khun Luang Raj is a spoiled, lazy playboy who spends his days drinking and getting into trouble. He meets Pikul and lusts after her. However, at some point along the way he truly fell in love with her and changes his ways. But their love is forbidden because of class differences. Pikul's dad forces her to marry Sin, but Sin knows that Pikul only loves Raj so he takes her to meet Raj and they elope. Eventually, they go back to Pikul's dad to ask for forgiveness and Raj promises he will bring back his dad to marry Pikul officially.
Sarapee is an evil woman who's in love with Raj. She orders the killing of Pikul's family. Raj is forced to marry Sarapee because of political reasons. Pikul goes to see Raj after her parents' death and sees him getting married to Sarapee. She's so heartbroken that she plays her bpee (flute) until she dies. Raj finds her body and tells Sarapee he will never love her, only Pikul and Sarapee stabs him.
Pikul wasn't reborn and became a vengeful ghost. She stayed roaming the area, waiting to seek vengeance against Raj and Sarapee in the next lifetime.

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