Fortnite Season 9 Week 3 Secret Battle Star - Find The Secret Battle Star in Loading Screen 3

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Each week, Epic Games rewards players for completing all seven weekly challenges with a special loading screen. Complete all seven, you get the loading screen and there's some sort of clue hidden within. This week, there's a hidden Battle Star worth an entire Battle Pass Tier. So that's undeniably adorable—one of the most adorable loading screens in Fortnite, quite frankly. The little puppies, the sloth guy. Too cute. The question is, what does it point to? Where's the clue? How do you figure out where to find the Season 9, Week 3 hidden Battle Star? **Well, the secret is to look very closely at the scribbling and graffiti on the wall** As you can see (or maybe not) this is a pile of cars with the Battle Star on top. Now the question becomes, where does one locate a pile of junkers? The answer is simple: Junk Junction, of course. Specifically, you can find the pile of junker automobiles on the south side of Junk Junction next to the gate Climb, hop or build your way to the top and you'll find the Battle Star. Interact with it and go up a full Battle Pass Tier #FortniteS9W3 #Battlestar #junkjunction

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