The Day of Lovers - (Drama, Romance, Sports, Thriller)

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Happy Valentines Day from Film Gorillas and Echelon Studios!

Grab a lover, friend or yourself and enjoy the day. Make sure you treat them, or yourself for this special day and watch the Best of Echelon's romantic films from the early 2000's.

Links to full films are here:

Maggie and Annie-

Not Rated | 1h 45min | Drama, Romance, Sport | 2002 (USA)

Annie, a happily married woman with a loving husband and daughter, joins her company's softball team and becomes good friends with her teammate, the openly gay Maggie. Much to Annie's surprise, her friendship with Maggie gradually develops into a strong attraction.

I Love You Too-

1h 30min | Romance | 26 June 2015 (China)

Liguo is an aspiring cartoonist, forced by reality he had to work an advertising agency. In order to chase his dream he quit his day job. Yulian is Liguo's fiancée who loves him very much and wanted to marry him. However , Liuguo met another woman and fell in love with her.

The Kiss You Gave Me-

Not Rated | 1h 31min | Drama, Romance, Thriller | 2000 (Puerto Rico)

A story of romance and suspense in Puerto Rico, year 2006. Angela, star reporter of Teledigital TV Network, is married to Armando and they have an 8-year old son, Ivan. When their marriage fails, Armando kidnaps Ivan and takes him to the United States, but Angela, aided by Pedro, a lawyer, recovers her son in the end. The outcome of their love story remains open to the viewer's interpretation.

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