What's inside these 8 unique creatures

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Every species on earth has uniquely evolved and adapted to its environment. But some of them have taken it one step further and developed incredible evolutionary traits. From the blistering desert and a camel's hump to the expansive ocean and a turtles shell or maybe it's a venus fly traps...trap? And it's what's inside these distinctive traits that is truly remarkable.

What’s Inside A Kangaroo’s Pouch (00:23)
What’s Inside A Caterpillar “Cocoon” (03:35)
What’s Inside A Venus Flytrap (07:03)
What’s Inside A Puffer Fish (10:56)
What’s Inside A Rattlesnake’s Tail (15:07)
What's Inside A Camel Hump (22:38)
What’s Inside An Anthill (22:38)
What's Inside A Turtle Shell (25:52)

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