Sea of Thieves: Ashen Winds - Content Update Trailer (2020)

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Ashen Lords Land on the Sea of Thieves in 2020 July's Free Ashen Winds Update.
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Face their fiery rage, their blinding ash clouds and their skulls being used as flamethrowers

This month's Sea of Thieves content is being served up hot – literally! Captain Flameheart's manipulation of Stitcher Jim, Duke and countless other pirates on the seas has finally granted him the knowledge and resources he needs to transform some of his most trusted underlings into Ashen Lords. This July, pirates are tasked with taking down a fearsome foursome in Sea of Thieves' latest monthly update Ashen Winds, available today for all Sea of Thieves players across Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Steam and with Xbox Game Pass.

Learn more about the fiery features that await:

Read the full Ashen Winds release notes:


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