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The Irregular corporation announces enchanting and gorgeous adventure game TOHU coming 2020. Discover handcrafted worlds in a captivating new puzzle game from the publisher of Murder By Numbers and the composer of Hollow Knight.

Publisher The Irregular Corporation (Murder By Numbers) and celebrated developer Fireart Games (Spirit Roots) revealed TOHU today, a beautiful new adventure game coming to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year. A brand new, in-depth gameplay walkthrough introducing the game has also been released, which features a detailed first look at an early puzzle scenario.

In this walkthrough, we take a closer look at one of TOHU's earlier puzzles. Join us as we find a way to solve the mole lock! BONUS: Moustached moles abound!

Experience a brand new adventure game set amongst a world of weird and wonderful fish planets. Explore beautiful environments and solve intricate puzzles as a little girl, joined by her mechanical alter-ego, Cubus. Together they will discover the truth about themselves and the mysterious Sacred Engine that powers their world.

TOHU launches later this year on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Fireart Games & Published by The Irregular Corporation.

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