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Episode 42:
Released in 1979, and featuring one of the most iconic guitar riffs of all time, "Highway To Hell" became an instant classic by Australia's Rock titans, AC/DC. The title, inspired by guitarist, Angus Young's description, referred to the band's grueling tour/recording schedule in the mid-70's. Young's brother, Malcom and singer, Bon Scott, are credited with songwriting. "Highway To Hell" is the epitome of simplistic, high-energy, Hard Rock.

Special Thanks to our good buddy and Patreon supporter, Dave Mills, for the use of his beautiful Gibson SG. We also featured Richard's vintage Gretsch (signed by SRV!!!) for the Malcom Young rhythm guitar.

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OTW is engineered and mixed by Richard Williams @ Plum Tree Recording Studio.

One Take Weekly aims to present a sneak peek inside a studio recording session, each track performed and filmed in one take - imperfections & all. No overdubs, NO AUTOTUNE, and no trick-photography! (Just good mixing...& my nearly inept video editing skills) What you see is what you hear - CE.

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