Living Alone In A TINY Cabin In The Woods

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Emma Christensen lives independently in this off-the-grid cabin in Northwestern Montana, but she’s not roughing it. She’d much rather pump and boil her shower water than wake up to the sound of car horns any day. When the opportunity presented itself, Christensen – whose family has a background in off-the-ground living – took to the woods and didn’t look back. It only took her two years to turn this rustic cabin into a bohemian-chic home filled with self-made art.

Christensen works as a nanny and spends her downtime painting and thrifting. Between chopping wood for the stove and running her electricity on solar panels, she has everything she needs for a sustainable lifestyle. Christensen shows us what it's like to trade in Wi-Fi and running water for having birds and bears as neighbors.

Relocated is a series from Bustle that features bold individuals who leave the beaten path behind to live a life by their own set of standards.

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